Software to Recover Video Files from Recycle Bin Folder

  • The tremendous tool that recovers files from recycle bin in an effortless manner
  • Runs on all editions of Windows operating systems
  • All file formats of videos, audio, documents, pictures etc. can be restored in simple clicks
  • It also avails a preview of the files that are retrieved from the recycle bin folder
  • Can also be utilized to restore files from various external storage drives


Watching videos of films and other entertainment in your system has been your favorite pass time. Isn’t it? Yes, most of them in this present world find some time to relax by watching and enjoying videos. Doing this brings some peace to the mind from the daily busy life.

Videos give you the visual representation of the real-time moments captured on your digital camera or mobile. You can remember and cherish the wonderful times that you have spent with friends or family whenever you watch them in the future. Such files can be transferred to your system from your cameras and mobiles and saved on your system so that it can preserve the moments forever. While playing such videos or accessing them, sometimes the users delete them accidentally by pressing the shift-delete button on the system that deletes the file completely from the system. Such files can be retrieved back with the use of Recycle Bin Recovery software that is available with the demo version too. Download the demo version and recover videos from the Recycle Bin.

Scenarios of video loss from Recycle Bin:

  1. Deletion using the shift-delete key: Video files from the system can be deleted either using the delete key or shift-delete key combination. Upon using delete key files get stored on Recycle Bin until you restore them back to the same location. Using the shift-delete key can delete files permanently from the system. If this option is used by selecting the wrong files without knowledge it can cause a video file deletion. To overcome from this situation and recover deleted files from recycle bin folder, you can take the help of this app.
  2. Power surge: Power surge is one of the common means of disaster that cause data loss from your system. If this occurs when you are accessing files or while performing a restore sometimes it may delete the videos that you were restoring or accessing from your Recycle Bin. It happens due to the disturbance in the operating system when system downloads unexpectedly.
  3. Changing Recycle Bin setting: Windows Recycle Bin provides two options i.e., you can store files in Recycle Bin upon deletion or delete them permanently when they are deleted from the system partitions. If accidentally you have selected an option to delete video permanently without storing to Recycle Bin then you may end up losing videos when they are deleted accidentally from your system.

Recycle Bin Recovery software is the professional built tool that will let you know how to recover videos from the Recycle Bin that are got deleted on Windows system. It is the best tool that will allow you to perform a Recycle Bin video recovery. It has a powerful scanning algorithm that helps you to recover videos from the Recycle Bin. This tool can restore deleted videos from the Recycle Bin whose size was too large and gets deleted permanently upon deletion from the system. This utility will help you to recover files too big for recycle bin folder without any other difficulty. It can recover videos from the Recycle Bin of formats like AVI, MP4, MPEG, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, etc. This tool can recover Recycle Bin from Windows Vista desktop and laptop computers including all other latest version of Windows. After performing recovery videos can be previewed and restore back when you are satisfied with its result. This tool is capable to retrieve deleted videos from the Recycle Bin in scenarios of accidental and manual deletion.

Note: With the help of Recycle Bin Recovery tool, it is possible to restore deleted files from Recycle Bin Windows 7 which got deleted by several reasons like emptying Recycle Bin, accidentally pressing delete button instead of restore etc.

Steps to know how to recover videos from Recycle Bin:

Step 1: Download the Recycle Bin Recovery on your PC in order to retrieve Recycle Bin videos. Manually launch the software and select “Recover Photos” option from the first screen displayed.

Recover videos from Recycle Bin - Main Screen

Step 2: When the tool pops-up the second screen it asks you to select between “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” option. Select “Recover Deleted Photos” option to get back the Recycle Bin videos.

Recover videos from Recycle Bin - Select Mode Window


Step 3: Next, the application displays a screen with a list of the drives. Select an appropriate drive and click on “Next” option. The tool scans the drive and provides you with a list of restored videos. Select the videos, preview it and save it on a secure location.

Recover videos from Recycle Bin- Save File Screen